Collaborate Quick Start For Faculty
Desire2Learn (D2L) Users

Important! You MUST read and follow this guide to sucessfully use Collaborate:

  1. Visit Collaborate's Java checkup page to make sure that your computer's Java (computer application) version is acceptable.

  2. Watch these short orientation sessions, categorized by topic:
    Brief Overview
    Content Sharing
    Making Recordings

  3. Please make sure you are using Internet Explorer Version 9, Firefox 12 or Google Chrome 18. If using a Mac, then Safari will also work. You may also need to configure
    your browser to allow pop ups for "". Instructions for accomplishing this can be found on our browser configuration page.

  4. Setup your microphone and speakers by visiting the Configuration Room.

  5. Visit the SFA test session to make sure you can access SFA's version of Collaborate. No password is required, but you may need to enter your email address
    and name.

  6. This step is important to let your students know about. Please send this information to your students well in advance of the first live class session:

    Attention Students/Participants: Prior to the first live class session, you should setup and test Collaborate on the exact computer and same Internet connecton
    that you will be using for the live meetings
    . Please go to the student Quick Start Guide, follow the setup procedure and enter a test session to make sure your computer
    is ready and your Internet connection is capable of handling a Collaborate live session.
    Direct Link to Student Quick Start Guide:

  7. Now that you have been through the basic setup and orientation, please follow steps A - L (below) to learn how to schedule, join and perform basic functions.

    Collaborate recordings policy

    Recorded sessions may reside on the Collaborate server until seven calendar days after the end of each semester.  At that time, all prior semester recordings
    will be deleted.  If you wish to download your recordings before they are deleted each semester, please contact us for instructions.


    Activating and Scheduling Collaborate Sessions with Desire2Learn

    Step A

    Log in to Desire2Learn, enter the desired course and click on the "Collaborate" link at the very top of the page.

    D2L Graphic A

    Step B

    After the page loads, click on "New Room" and wait for the next page to load.
    faculty graphic b

    Step C

    Name the session, choose "D2L Elluminate" from the menu, choose desired dates, various preferfences and "Save". Then, please wait for the session to be created.


    Step D

    Once the session is created, you may click on "Join" to enter. The session date and time must be current (active) in order to join.


    Step E
    After a pause, you may be asked to open/allow the Java service to run (depending on which browser you are using), so please choose "open".
    Then, you will see the Java banner pop up briefly. Next, you will briefly see the manager banner as the service begins to start.
    Please wait. Depending on your computer's security and browser configuration, you may also be asked some security-related questions about allowing the
    Collaborate service to run. If so, then please answer "yes", "allow" or "OK" in order to let the service run on your computer.

    session startup graphic
    Open Java GraphicLaunch Collaborate Graphic

    Step F

    Following a pause while the program is starting, you should find yourself in a Collaborate session that looks similar to the image below. You are now in
    a live session! Please continue on to steps G - L in order to setup your microphone and web cam (if needed). Obviously, you will need to have a web cam and/or
    microphone connected or built into your computer in order to send audio or video. Nothing else is needed to receive someone else's web cam video, but you will
    need a set of working speakers in order to receive audio from others.

    Main Collaborate Screen

    Step G

    To configure audio features, simply click on the audio setup wizard icon (as shown below) and follow the directions. Also, please be sure that your
    microphone was properly connected to your computer before it was last started. If not, please re-boot before proceeding.

    Audio Settings Graphic

    Step H

    After you have sucessfully completed the audio setup wizard, you may click on the "Talk" button to turn the microphone on in order to test your ouput. You should see the
    microphone level bar bouncing back and forth as you speak. Please click the "Talk" button again to turn the microphone off. Please do not leave your microphone on if
    not speaking during any session. This can cause problems for other speakers who may also be trying to send audio.

    Talk Feature Graphic

    Step I

    Click "Video" to turn your web camera on or off. Also, if you have a web camera, please be sure that it was properly connected to your computer before
    it was last started. If not, please re-boot and check to make sure it is working with your computer first, before attempting to use it with Collaborate.

    Video Feature Graphic

    Step J

    To share your computer screen, simply choose the icon indicated below, select "share desktop" in the available selections and then click the "Share" button.

    Share Desktop Graphic

    Step K
    When you finish sharing your desktop, click on the stop button located in the upper-right screen area.

    Share Desktop Icon Graphic

    Step L
    To start recording a session, click on the "Record" button and choose "OK". Recorded sessions will generally take up to 24 hours processing time before they
    will appear in your Desire2Learn/Collaborate course archives section.

    Recordings Button Graphic

    Viewing Recordings (Archives)

    Again, please note that any recorded sessions usually take up to 24 hours processing time before they will appear in your Desire2Learn course archives.
    To view a recorded
    session, go to the Desire2Learn/Collaborate archive section (shown below),
    then choose the approriate session link for the desired recording.

    Note: Older recordings may open with the original version of Elluminate.

    Arhives Graphic

    Firewall Issues and Tips: If you are having trouble getting into a session from another organization (such as another school or office), make sure that the
    security firewall ports 2187 and 80 are allowed by your Internet provider and/or IT department. Collaborate does require these ports to be open
    in order to properly connect. This may be what's happening if you get a message that reads "Connection Failed" when you try and enter a session. The
    "Systems Administrators" link below is a good resource you may pass along to your service provider and includes information on how to resolve any firewall
    issues. Please understand that SFA has no authority over firewall ports at off-campus locations, so that is why it is a good idea to test well in advance of an
    actual class session.

    Systems Administrators (PDF): Click HERE for more information about firewall ports.


    Collaborate Help Desk Support Number: Toll Free: 1-866-388-8674 or 1-877-382-2293
    Local SFA Help: (936) 468-7649 (During Normal Business Hours)
    Chat Live With A Technician - Click Here

    What are the minimum computer specifications and Internet connection speeds for running Collaborate?

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