If you have any questions, please contact Janet Kamps (

Overview of the Process

Before you begin developing an online course, become familiar with the process. This clarifies the expectations for online instructor certification.

Get Department Approval

Before you do the work of developing an online course, have a conversation with your department chair to determine whether he or she wants the course to be offered online and who all should be involved in the ownership and development process.

Contact the Distance Education Coordinator

Contact the DE Coordinator to set up the first meeting with the Office of Instructional Technology. This initial planning meeting will allow OIT to gather information about your course design needs.  Contact:

Janet Kamps
Distance Education Coordinator
Phone: ext. 1818

Complete All Training

Step One: Fundamentals
Begin by consulting with OIT to determine which basic computer skills may need to be addressed as a pre-requisite.

Step Two: Blackboard Management System
Complete the workshops to familiarize yourself with the course management system. These may be completed online or face-to-face.

Step Three: Web Course Design Community
After completing the fundamentals and Blackboard training, enroll in the Web Course Design Community online course taught by the Distance Education coordinator.

Sign-up for training:

You are now prepared to deliver an online course that has been developed by another instructor. If you are only planning to deliver a course that someone else has delivered, you are prepared to proceed.


You are prepared to complete development of a new online course. If you are planning to develop a new online course, you must continue the process.

Schedule a Web Course Design Plan Meeting

This meeting is between the course designer, the department chair, and OIT. It marks the beginning of a formal relationships between the department and the Office of Instructional Technology that is meant to provide the course developer with whatever information and Technical Support needed to complete course development. The following documents will be completed and signed during the meeting. These meetings are scheduled through the OIT Instructional Designer. (No web design meetings are scheduled in September or February).

Web Course Design Plan

Intellectual Property Rights License Agreement

Develop the NEW Online Course

Work with the Office of Instructional Technology to develop the online course. We have a graphic designer and an instructional design support person to assist you in converting materials and placing them into your course.

Schedule the Final Review of the fully-developed course before October 1st or March 1st

When all components of the course have been developed, schedule a final review with your department chair and OIT. The course will be presented to this review committee to demonstrate that the components recommended for a fully developed course have been integrated into the course. Also, this gives the department chair and the faculty an opportunity to discuss curriculum. (You must have 50 percent of the course developed when you schedule the final review.)

Deliver the Online Course

When the academic department prepares to enter the course into the student information system, they must get approval from OIT. The approval will be set, and the department may then set up the section(s).

Make allowance for out-of-state students

If you have non-resident students living out-of-state and taking only online courses, please be aware that they are eligible to pay an out of state replacement fee. This is a special calculation for them in the tuition fee calculator. Also, please follow the steps listed on the OIT web site to ensure that students are placed in a special 588 section: