Quick Start - Collaborate Participants or Students
Not Using Desire2Learn (D2L)

Important You MUST read and follow this guide to sucessfully use Collaborate:

  1. Visit the Collaborate Java checkup page to make sure that your computer's Java (computer application) version is acceptable.

  2. Watch these short orientation sessions, categorized by topic:
    Brief Overview
    Content Sharing

  3. Please make sure you are using Internet Explorer Version 9, Firefox 12 or Google Chrome 18. If using a Mac, then Safari will also work. You may also need to disabale your browser's pop up blocker. Instructions for accomplishing this can be found on our browser configuration page

  4. Setup your microphone and speakers by visiting the Configuration Room.

  5. Visit the SFA test session to make sure you can access SFA's version of Collaborate. No password is required, but you may need to enter your email address
    and name.


What are the minimum computer specifications and Internet connection speeds for running Collaborate?

Collaborate Help Desk Support Number: *Toll Free: 1-866-388-8674 or 1-877-382-2293
*Please follow the directions on this page before contacting technical support. Most setup issues can be resolved with the information found here.
Local SFA Help: (936) 468-7649 (During Normal Business Hours)
Chat Live With A Technician - Click Here

Tips: If you are having trouble getting into a Collaborate session from another organization (such as another school or office), make sure that firewall ports 2187 and 80 are allowed by your Internet provider and/or IT department. Collaborate does require these ports to be open in order to properly connect. This may be what's happening if you get a message that reads "Connection Failed" when you try and enter a session. The "Systems Administrators" link below is a good resource that you can give to your service provider and includes information on how to resolve any firewall issues.

Systems Administrators: Click HERE for more information about firewall ports.

Java Issues:

launch error graphic

If you are getting a Java error message, please click HERE for additional instructions.

Apple/Mac Users:


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