You MUST ACTIVATE the Panopto tool in Desire2Learn BEFORE using this guide.
Click HERE for instructions.

Panopto in Desire2Learn - Basic Mac Recording Instructions

Please note: Students may not record with Panopto.

1. Log in to Desire2Learn and choose the correct course where Panopto has been activated.
Then, click "Content" to access your newly created content quick link.

D2L Login Graphic

select course graphic content graphic
D2L panel graphic

2. If you get a browser security block, please allow the process to run.
Click HERE for instuctions on how this is done in the most commonly used browsers.
Security Shield Graphic

3. Once in the Panopto area, click "Create" and "Record a new session".
Create Recording Graphic

4. Choose the approriate recorder installation for your type of computer and install.
(Note: You may need administrator priveledges on your computer to install.)
If the recorder has already been installed, simply click "Launch Panopto".

Recorder Install Graphic

Click Create New Recording
Mac Graphic 1

By default, the Recorder will open up to the last known good configuration of recording devices.  If you have recorded content before, the same devices will automatically be chosen.

Check to make sure the desired folder is chosen so your recording will populate in the desired course. ("Development" below)
To choose another course/folder, click the down arrows as highlighted in red below. (If other folders are available)
Mac 2 Graphic

6. Choosing Recording Devices
Whether you are recording offline or to a desired Folder, you can choose the devices that you wish to record with. These devices include web cams, video cameras, audio inputs, screen captures and PowerPoint. To select the device you wish to use in your recording, simply select or check the box next to the device/service listed within the Mac Recorder application.

**Note:  Audio and/or Video is required for all recordings to complete and be posted to the web.  If recording from two separate computers, the Recorder will allow you to record with no audio or video selected, however, the session will not process until the other computer uploads the audio and/or video to the system.  You will receive a pop up error message if no audio/video is selected when recording.
Mac 3 Graphic

7. Start Recording
After selecting the available inputs, begin the recording by clicking on "Record"
To stop recording content, switch back to the Mac Recorder (Command +Tab), and click on "Stop"
Mac 5 Graphic

Mac 6 Graphic

8. The next screen will show the status of the recordings. By default the Mac Recorder will automatically upload the recorded content to the server.  As the recording is being transferred to the server, you can preview the recording in the "Preview" area if "Audio," "Video," or "Screen Capture" was recorded.  If the preview was not sufficient, you could choose to "Pause Upload" to pause the upload of the files to the server.  The "Actions" button has two options; "Show Files" or "Delete" (will show or delete the local files in the Panopto Recordings directory).
Mac 7 Graphic

Mac 8 Graphic

Mac 11 Graphic